Lauren Hamann

Frontend Developer

This project is a lightbulb idea, that came to me after using shortcuts on IOS. I made a shortcut that would take my mood from a list and add to a text file. My site then takes that file and automatically parses into JSON. My frontend takes that JSON and renders it. Using a bit of RegEx, I am able to color the correct pixel for each day and month. I am very excited about this project!

I have wanted to do this for awhile. I started listening to books during the pandemic and wanted to have documentation of my thoughts and feelings about each book. But I didn't want to add my unremarkable ramblings to Goodreads. Thus the book blog was born.

Fun Blog that came about after listening to her newest album on repeat. I wanted to record my favorites and give myself an excuse to revisit all her music again.

A quiz made using React & react hooks.

About Me

I am a Frontend Developer. Based in Alabama.

I love...

~ to create web applications and challenge myself.

~ when you get a new idea and it forms in a daydream.

~ That feeling when you are driving and that seemingly impossible problem just solves itself.

Besides coding, you will find me with headphones on. I listen to audiobooks exclusively, but I also love a fun podcast.

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